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Prathamesh Muley

The happiness of seeing the term "congratulations" on that laptop screen almost had me in tears.

Hello everyone, It's pleasure sharing my experience of Balaji coaching centre which was Undoubtedly excellent.

Being an Engineer I was in the conflict to go for CMA or not. Eventually I end up falling in love with subject like finance and accounts. It would not have been possible without Balaji coaching centre.

Special mention of BE(mech), AICWA Gajanan Pataskar & CA Shalaka Pataskar(our tutors) Both are very dedicated, vastly knowledgeable,Extremely patient.

Especially in marking and willing to go the extra mile for student and Recap content in thorough detail after every session. Study materials provided by class is up to the mark.

If You want to become CMA professional, Hands down this class is all you need to make that happen.

Dnyaneshwar Dhole

Success comes by taking right decision and I take the right decision of joining Balaji classes. Thanks to sir and Ma’am for changing my view from Can I…? to I Can. I never expected that I would get exemption in Cost Accounting, Finance and Audit and Accounting, But with sir and Ma’am’s efforts, their teaching methods and their motivation I have managed to get exemption.

The study material of the coaching is up to the mark and institute study material and previous question papers are also covered in question bank. Both teachers explains all concept very well and in depth. It is not at all one way discussion. Moreover the service charges are quit reasonable than many other coaching classes.

I would like to thank ma’am and sir for the immense knowledge they have bestowed upon us & vision to took at things in different manner. If you are CMA aspirant this is the best coaching in the town. All the best !

Gita Chauhan

In the beginning I thought doing CMA would be difficult , but not after attending the lectures at Pataskar's Balaji coaching Center. In Pataskar's Balaji Coaching Center , every student is given special attention and a chance to interact and sort out their queries. Both the faculties are helpful and supportive. The study material provided is very useful and informative. Given a chance I would definitely rate this coaching center 10 on 10. Having faculties who are so kind and informative is a blessing. A huge thanks to Sir and Ma'am.

Purva Kulkarni

I am very fortunate to be a student of Pataskar Sir and Madam. They both have profound knowledge of their respective subjects. Pataskar Sir and Madam's teaching style creates more interest in subject. They guide all the students to have their own thought process and they explains various aspects & ways to solve the problems. This kind of teaching will help student in their future professional life. The best thing about Pataskar's CMA coaching classes is personal attention and quality teaching which is very rare thing in today's scenario where every other class is behind commercialisation. At last, once again, from bottom of my heart, I thank Sir and Madam for being such great Teacher.

Vasundhara Gandla

I'm thankful to sir and madam for teaching the subjects in depth and cleared my concepts. Their teaching is not just exam oriented but it for future making.

Payal Sethiya

Pataskar Sir's and Mam's teaching is very good and effective. They both emphasize on developing our own thought process by having interactive classes.The question bank is very helpful as it covers the whole syllabus and every answer is tought with logical reason. Before joining the classes I was weak in accounts, was never confident about my answers but shalaka mam's teaching gave me conceptual clarity which built my confidence.Today I am very happy and proud to say that I am confident about my answers. So special thanks for that. Whenver I have any difficulty, Sir has always helped me with it and he has always motivated me. I remember once he told me that the sacrifices are never a waste, they are always fruitful and u can always do this. so I have cleared both my groups together, all thanks to Sir and Mam

Sushmita Sukhdare

Best class for CMA student. Sir & madam always full fill thire commitments like timing , study , quality teaching.

Mayuri Bachani

In a world filled with experts and speakers, Balaji coaching classes is truly one of a kind... The amazing thing about them is their engaging lessons; professors, who share their insights and wisdom that they learned throughout their incredible journey which creates a perfect blend for pursuing professional courses... After finishing the classes, I felt more inspired, informed and focused... They helped me clear my CMA group 3 successfully... Investing in this class is a small price to pay for all the rewards and change that U will receive...!

Dipti Kulkarni

I got a reference about Pataskar sir from one of my friends and I am so grateful for that. I joined the classes and understood that his dedication and commitment towards teaching is definitely going to help me get through 3rd group. That's what actually happened and being an engineering graduate, cracking 3rd group in first attempt is not less than a miracle for me. I would highly recommend this class at intermediate level only so that your conceptual understanding will be strong and you won't face any issues at final level. If you are looking forward to a smooth transition at final level of ICWA, Pataskar classes is the most reliable path to take!

Sana Ansari

It is pleasure to thank Balaji Coaching Centre to guide me through the entire course of CMA. The Study Material of the coaching is up to the mark. I have found a class really helpful for me as it is very interactive and focuses on making us understand each concept in depth which will help us in getting through the exam.

Special mention of Gajanan D Pataskar, BE (Mech), AICWA and CA Shalaka G Pataskar (Our tutors) who kept providing the class with quick and clever way of solving questions in a logical way. They possess great knowledge on the subject which really helped me to clear all my Concepts. They explain all concepts very well and in depth. It is not at all one way discussion. They are extremely patient and do not mind explaining it any number of times. Both Faculties are spending quality time to explain the concepts and ensure that students get clarity.

Moreover the service charges are quite reasonable than many other coaching centres. I am committed to finish CMA as soon as possible and I believe I can do it with the coaching I am getting from your centre.

Pranav Dhavale

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”- Ben Franklin.

That's what I got to learn from this class. Success & failure are part & parcel of our life. Both Sir & Ma'am taught us to look at the bigger picture. They teach with sheer dedication & excellence.

You will see that all other classes are just into making money out of students but this class is unique. The class focuses on practical problems & how to apply our knowledge in a perfect manner. I can tell you from my personal experience if you understand all the concepts practically & clearly, scoring marks is going to be easy.

The class made us fall in love with the subjects they taught & it was a pleasure to be a part of it. I would recommend Everyone to join Balaji Coaching Academy. Just attend the class regularly & attentively, follow the professors' instructions & then you will realise that passing CMA is not as hard as it sounds.

I would like to thank Ma'am & Sir for the immense knowledge they have bestowed upon us & the vision to look at things in a different manner.

If you want to become CMA in First attempt, hands down this class is all you need to make that happen.

Unnati Jain

I'm fortunate that I got my Cost, Finance and Accounts coaching and guidance under Pataskar Sir and Ma'am. Each topic and even a small concept was discussed in depth. Everything from A to Z was explained in a lucid manner. Your way of teaching made the subject very easy.

Rachana Nili

I'm Rachna Nili, completed inter in 2019. I am majorly glad, I got my best knowledge from sir and ma'am. They put their dedication and discipline and expect the same from us which helps us to achieve our goals. The best advantage is this class is specially for CMA course which gives complete module and attention. Thank you sir and ma'am for bringing best out of me.

Abhishek Dughrekar

Coming from a non commerce background I was not confident about CMA. Pataskar Sir and ma'am helped me build up my confidence.

Both teachers are experts in their respective subjects. The teaching perspective was not only exam oriented but it also emphasized on making us better professionals. They encourage us to think about the problem and find the solution on our own which helps develop a thinking pattern, this is useful while preparing for the examinations.

The question bank and the notes are terrific! The problems are comprehensive and cover every bit of the syllabus....!

Thank you sir and ma'am to help me with CMA....!


Balaji Coaching classes is Best Class in Pune. And I'm glad to take my class there. Pataskar Sir And Madam are very good in teaching and they clarify all the doubts. And they will care about each and every student in same manner. Thank you so much Sir and Ma'am for your wonderful teaching. It helps a lot to clear my Inter.

Myron Borges

I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning Costing or Accounts as a CMA student, Balaji Coaching Classes is the place to go. Sir & Ma'am are skilful, passionate and most importantly humble, teaching from personal experience and excited to show you the way. What they teach you will help you not just in the exam but also in the future with your work.

Mugdha Shendye

Balaji Coaching Classes is exclusively for CMA students. Sir & Ma'am both are very kind and very talented personalities. They always teach from bottom of heart. Their teaching is always knowledge oriented. Sir and Madam both are very nice and always available for students and their queries. Sir always motivates us. I always suggest Balaji Coaching Classes for conceptual clarity. Thank you Sir & Madam for giving such a nice experience of learning.

Jagdish Kulkarni

Dear Sir and Madam, it has been a fantastic experience with lots of knowledge learning process and how to become successful and confident about studies. Everything which is required for success is present at our class supported by hard work and guidance. Thanks a lot!

Jyoti Singh

I'm studying with Pataskar's Balaji Coaching Centre since my Inter level, cleared the inter and the credit goes to Sir and Madam. The way they teach in very easy way so that an average student can understand the concept very clearly. Content will be covered from modules so checking on other study material was not required. Interaction in class will lead to think, that's what they make us do in class.  One thing I learnt from Sir is that 'If you work hard you will definitely succeed'. Thank you both for brilliant teaching! Happy to be part of Pataskar's Classes!

Parag Wani

A teacher's performance is measured by success stories of his students. Here is the class that has made its own good personal attention, good relation between students and teachers, amazing teaching techniques,  quality problem solving and discussions, good location & atmosphere for teaching, last but not least ITS ONLY FOR US ie. CMA.

Jagruti Pujari

Best CMA coaching classes. The teaching method of both Sir and Ma'am is excellent. The way they teach so everyone can easily understand the concepts - it's great. They are always available for anyone at any time. They are very co-operative and always ready to help. So it's a perfect place for learning.

Gandhar Palkar

To begin with I find Balaji Coaching Center very effective in my academic journey. Their teaching focuses on core concepts which enables conceptual clarity about particular topic. Another thing is that students are made to arrive at the solution thus having students participation in it, and not providing it readily.

Trupti Hundekari

I am Trupti Hundekari...student of CMA Final. I have completed Inter from Balaji Coaching Centre. And also Final class. Here I have received best teaching ever than any other place. If anyone wants to become a successful CMA then please join here. Conceptual clarity, module based all problems, interaction with students and proper guidance these are effective features I have seen here. So thanks to Sir and Madam for such wonderful guidance..!

Sudhanwa Pandey

The best conceptual guidance I have come across, the best part of this academy is the way they attend to every single student in their unique way.

Ganesh Sapte

Nothing is greater than Pataskar's Balaji Coaching Centre in Pune for CMA course. Thank you Sir and Madam for creating a bright future for me.

Kiran Jadhav

This is a wonderful class for CMA. Because of Ma'am and Sir’s guidance, I achieved success in inter Exam. Your teaching experience has made these things easy for me. Thank you for your support.

Roshan Dhawalkar

I have got  best learning experience with Balaji Coaching Classes while preparing for CMA  intermediate. This class has given me immense knowledge and self confidence to tackle the exams successfully .The faculty members are at their best, always!!! My every query has got resolved. I would like to say special thanks to Pataskar Sir & Ma'am.

Ashutosh Phatak

Best Class I have ever seen. The best part of the class is that the fear of the subject disappears. The subject becomes more easy after taking classes regularly & going through the examples from Question Bank. Balaji Coaching Centre provides proper guidance to students to proceed & perform their best to become professional.