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Our Classes

Accounts, Costing, Financial Management and Taxation are the four main pillars of any professional course in the Commerce field. Conceptual clarity in these subjects will give you an edge over others throughout your career. We at Pataskar’s CMA Classes, help you to build a strong foundation in Accounts, Costing & Financial Management.

Quality education is a right of every student and at Pataskar’s CMA Classes, we offer knowledge, expertise and the right classroom culture. Our knowledge will tell you how to channelise your efforts and how to focus your attention, so that you are able to achieve maximum in minimum time. Our expertise will take you through so many simulations that when you face the real test, you will have the confidence of being on familiar ground. Our classroom culture will help you to stay positive and motivated throughout. We have a simple definition of our success: “When you succeed, we succeed”.

We reach out to our students because we CARE. We give personal attention to the students so that their doubts are cleared. Our interactive sessions make the  students feel comfortable and confident, thereby increasing their ability to perform better.

We believe in HONESTY, and we don’t  mislead anyone. We declare the actual results of our students and do not resort to any publicity or limelight hogging techniques.